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In case of emergency, phone our office at the number above and follow the instructions.

Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM—7:00 PM
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Appointments recommended. Walk-ins welcome.

Eatontown’s Favorite Optometrist

William F. Beegle Optometry aims to offer the highest quality eyecare services. From routine vision tests to eye emergencies, we are here for you and your family. Visit our experienced and friendly optometry team at the Monmouth Mall for:

​Comprehensive Eye Exams

More than just vision acuity – we can detect early signs of diseases before any symptoms occur. Proactively invest in your vision and health with annual comprehensive eye examinations. 

Vision Check-Ups

Some changes in sight can happen slowly, so instead of noticing your vision is slightly blurry you may just get headaches or eye strain. Come in for a vision checkup before you think you need to…visit us anytime, we encourage walk-ins.

Designer Eyewear – Frames & Prescription Glasses

For a wide selection of top brand eyewear, try on a pair or two dozen at our relaxed optometry office. We are happy to help you find glasses that express your personal style. 

Contact Lenses

Our knowledgeable optometry team can find a comfortable contact lens that works for your eyes and lifestyle. Contacts have come a long way in the last few years. From dailies to extended wear, multifocal to toric, we carry all types of lenses for all needs.

LASIK Consultation and Co-Management

Dr. Beegle can evaluate your candidacy for the laser eye surgery procedure LASIK, refer you to local expert surgeons, and handle all pre and post operative care to ensure a positive experience. 

Dry Eye and Allergy Relief

Discomforts such as stinging, itchy, burning, over-watery and soreness can be relieved. If you experience any eye irritation, we can diagnose and treat immediately. Call us at 732-460-1001 to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Eyecare Services

Eye infections, eye injuries, removing foreign objects, sudden changes to vision and more can be alarming. Your eye emergencies are our priority, come in right away to our Monmouth Mall eye doctor office for immediate eyecare attention.

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