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Insurance Plans We Accept

The overall cost of routine eye exams and prescription eyewear can be of real concern, especially for large families. In many cases, vision insurance can help lower these annual eye-care expenses.

A vision insurance policy is not the same as health insurance. Regular health insurance plans protect you against financial losses due to unexpected eye injuries or disease. Vision insurance, on the other hand, is a wellness benefit designed to help provide routine eye care, prescription eyewear and other vision-related services at a reduced cost.

Because we provide both medical and routine eye care, we accept a number of insurance plans to help cover the cost depending on your individual needs. Below are some of the insurance plans that we accept:

Vision Plans We Accept:

• Aetna • Blue Cross Blue Shield • EyeMed • Medicare

Medical Plans We Accept:

• Aetna • Blue Cross Blue Shield • Medicare

If you have any insurance questions or coverage concerns, our knowledgeable staff can assist you. We can even help by directly calling your insurance company on your behalf. Do not hesitate to call our front desk today at 732-460-1001.  If you do not see your current plan listed, contact us and ask.  We are regularly updating our list of accepted vision and medical insurance plans to provide the best support to our patients.

Please provide your insurance benefits information to us before your visit so that we can verify your coverage. It is very important for us to know exactly who your vision insurance carrier is and what your benefits are. If we are unable to verify coverage, please plan to pay in full at your appointment. We file insurance claims as a courtesy to you.

Payment Options

We gladly accept cash, personal checks, American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

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