Eye Allergies

Managing Eye Allergies in Eatontown

Eye allergies are fairly common, especially seasonal allergies in the springtime. One out of every five Americans experiences symptoms such as red, itchy, stinging, watery eyes and swollen eyelids. Sometimes these are in concurrent with the nasal allergy symptoms sneezing, sniffling and congestion.

What Causes Eye Allergies?

The mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and the whites of the eyes can react to something harmless, such as ragweed pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mistakenly perceiving it as a threat. A chemical called histamine is released as an immune response to fight the foreign pathogens, causing redness, itchiness and over-watering.

What Can Relieve Eye Allergies?

Eye drops and antihistamines can alleviate allergy symptoms. If over-the-counter allergy medications don’t provide relief, visit William F. Beegle Optometry for prescription treatment as well as to make sure the cause isn’t something else such as infection, dry eye or other conditions.

Here are some strategies to alleviate eye allergy symptoms:

  • Stay inside and keep windows closed in the morning and early evening, when pollen count is higher.
  • Shower, or at least wash your face, before bed to wash off allergens from skin and eyelashes.
  • Wash your hands with soap often.
  • Use artificial tear eye drops to moisturize the eyes.
  • Apply a cool compress to the eyes.

For those reacting to pet dander or dust, vacuum daily. This may kick up some pollutants into the air; if you find yourself worse during or right after vacuuming, wear a face mask when cleaning.

For Eye Allergy Relief in the Eatontown, NJ, area come see us at William F. Beegle Optometry.

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