Emergency Eye Care

Visit Our Eatontown, NJ Eye Doctors For Emergency Eye Care

Contact Lens and Vision offers a variety of emergency eye care services for residents in the Eatontown area. We can treat most eye emergencies, so you can get immediate attention- no waiting for urgent care or emergency room care.

We are here to help you right away. Call us at 732-460-1001 or come to our office in the Monmouth Mall for eye irritations, injuries, and urgent need of prescription eyewear.

Services we can provide:

  • Examination and treatment of minor eye injuries
  • Relief of irritation and inflammation symptoms due to contact lens overwear
  • Immediate application of prescription eye-drops treatment
  • Foreign body removal (something is in your eye!)
  • Contact lens and contacts accessories in stock
  • Replacement single vision prescription glasses in stock

Don’t wait for an appointment in the case of an eye emergency.

Fast: Emergency eye care is our priority. Why visit your optometrist instead of urgent care?

Affordable: Average emergency services are less expensive than emergency room visits.

Equipment: We use advanced instruments specific to eye care to properly diagnose and treat.

No Pharmacy Needed: Our office has antibiotics and pain relief treatments in stock.

In addition to the services you already visit us for, like comprehensive eye exams, glasses, and contacts, come to us for:

  • “Pink Eye” and other bacterial infections
  • Scratched eyes
  • Sudden change of vision
  • Lost or broken glasses
  • Seeing flashing or floaters
  • Burning, itchy, or irritated eyes

These are signs that immediate attention is needed. Please call us at 732-460-1001 if you are experiencing an eye emergency of any kind.

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