Clarifye Digital Eye Exam

The Comfortable, Convenient Eye Exam – Clarifye

Clarifye is an impressive proprietary digital eye exam that can easily, quickly and comfortably deliver accurate results for you to see your best. 

Technologically Advanced

Clarifye uses the most advanced digital instruments combined into one multifaceted device. Plus one source of data retention, for reviewing results not only for each appointment but changes over time. It gives your optometrist, and you, a comprehensive understanding of your eye health and vision. 

Precise, Comprehensive, Fast and Convenient


Characteristics of the eye are captured in great detail, in 3D, giving digitally precise measurements that aid in prescription accuracy and fitting contact lenses. The information Clarifye captures can even reveal small differences in corrective needs for night vision that make a big difference when it comes to crisp, clear sight both day and night.


A Clarifye eye exam measures five times more characteristics of your optical system than standard traditional eye exams. The additional details help optometrists fully address your unique visual needs, and identify conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes, and other health issues.


Optometrists can now use more appointment time discussing with patients the results of the tests, overall eye health, conditions, refractive errors and corrective treatment options. Clarifye reduces the time spent on subjective comparison questions (“which seems better, 1 or 2…2 or 3…A or B…”) making time to talk with your eye doctor at length about your vision and eye health. 

Dr. Chudner, Senior Director Eye Care at LensCrafters who helped develop the Clarifye system, stated “the goal of this wasn’t for doctors to see more patients in a short amount of time, but to allow them to change what they were doing during that time. The goal is to spend more time on the education, that’s what doctors prefer to do.” 


Clarifye exams are offered at our friendly optometry office in the Monmouth Mall, within LensCrafters, in Eatontown. 

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